About this blog

A girl, a dog, a flower shop.

A 30 something who stumbled into the world of flowers ("she could have been a Dr you know" - The Grandmother) , a scene stealing lurcher, and a flower shop.

and so here we are, in Stamford sitting betwixt Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, and Northamptonshire. Or 100 miles direct North of London. Recently voted the best place in Britain to live by The Sunday Times. The shop was built in 1436.

This blog is where we share our work, recipes, dreadful taste in music, laughs and a few tears. Flowers are used to mark hatches, matches, dispatches and everything in between, the I'm sorry to the thank you, the valentines, the mothers' days. We get to be part of that, from happy occasions to dark hours and this fascinates me as much as the flowers themselves. One day i shall make a documentary film.

Recurring characters are all given monikers to protect their identity on the internets. Sometimes posts only make sense to one person, this is intentional, sometimes i chose the medium of song lyrics to send a secret message to somebody.

I bang on about F1, i love it. A lot. I also like spotting the ISS from my back garden, speaking all the European languages, puppies and arty films. These subjects may come up.

My humour is on the dry side.

Love the comments, which blogger doesn't? I even like the ones that disagree with what i say, criticise my work but I don't like the ones that try to sell me viagra / fake rolex watches / orchids / SEO links so comments are moderated because spam filters do not work.

All the photographs are taken by myself unless otherwise stated, either on a canon 40d, or my iphone 5 there may be the odd Blackberry shot too. If you would like to use them for personal use then by all means but please credit this blog. If however you are another florist using my images and passing them off as your own work, I will come down on you like a tonne of bricks.

The Hound
Is not for sale, even when he has been very naughty and i say "Hound for sale £2.50 o.n.o" I'm only joking, don't come to the shop / call the RSPCA. Also he has been done, so you can't breed from him. If you are that man in South Korea that clones dogs, let's chat.

Press/ PR
We deal with all of this ourselves, so please contact flowers@misspickering.com with any enquiries.

I love to cook, but rarely have all the ingredients required by a recipe from a proper blog or cook book. So they tend to be a bit of a mash up / vague. Where possible I will credit the original recipe incase you are an electronic scale / mise en place sort of cook.

Free stuff
I'm not the sort of blogger that gets inundated with loads of free stuff, and i wouldn't write about it if i did, unless it was brilliant and then i would say "Somebody sent me this for free this blogging lark is bloody great isn't it?" If you a person that gives out free stuff, I love cashmere, and tropical holidays and mini-breaks

In the words of Lily Allen "if you can't detect the sarcasm you've misunderstood"

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