Cooking with homegrown herbs

I grow a lot of herbs, some for cooking, others for bouquets, and some purely for ground coverage. This weekend I was particularly inspired by OFM to cook up some herb and ricotta fritters, and souvlaki. I also made banana bread from Miss Dahl's book, which contains no herbs but was delicious.

Also I cut some Heuchera flowers intending to mix them with some hypnose roses and other fancy things...instead they are still in their temporary... a coke bottle

At time of writing the angelica was still in the garden.


Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P
The edible delights look delicious.
have you considered sending out food parcels ?

I personally find that in these times of financial turmoil, a good feast is just the ticket, especially washed down with a little tipple of something alcoholic !!!
I will have one of everything please, could they be here in time for supper ?

Yours Mr H

Anonymous said...

Dearest Miss Pickering

Any chance of a repeat performance? I'll be free that night.

Fondest wishes
Miss Duddington

Mother Hen said...

How is makes me long for the time when you didn't have a floral emporium and had the time to cook such treats for the Captain and me