Ooooo Miss P, where is this weeks wedding?

Burghley House as it happens. When you have a small shop senza the luxury of an event room, weddings tend to take over a little. Flowers arrive and require conditioning, stripping of leaves, cutting, heads checking and placing in suitable containers. Whilst they await this treatment they clog up one half of the shop, and attract admiring glances and compliments from our customers. Whilst I end up having to perform yoga poses to reach something from the dresser at the back, rather like the scene from Ocean's 12 - although I do it in a floral tea dress.

We then arrange them artfully and install them at the venue, The Great Hall at Burghley. These are vases of Weber parrot tulip, astilbe, veronica, roses, hellebore, rosemary, lisianthus.

Once the flowers are installed, the bouquets and buttonholes dispatched - we return to the shop to tidy up the carnage.

It ain't all glamour folks.....still if you start at 5am you are well within your rights to have a pizza for your lunch. Artichoke, ham and feta. The eagle-eyed amongst you might also spot the odd bit of pineapple, I absolve myself of all responsibility - The Hound ordered it.


matthew said...



Did someone spill a tinned fruit salad on your pizza?

Had you only had 4 or your 5-a-day?

Were you "livin' in the 80's" again?

and did you have a fruit salad with a courgette in it afterwards?

(FYI A friend of mine once sat near Paul Daniels in a pizza restauarant and heard him say "Tonight, I'll be having the Tropicana" (this, I believe, is the name in the trade for a ham and pineapple)

Miss Pickering said...

Well Mr Tropicana himself - nice sunglasses!

Yes i am indeed livin' in the 80's
I had a pop tart for my breakfast.

Mother Hen said...

I think that must be due to the deprived childhood, all those years of only being allowed carrots, edam cheese and dry crackers as snacks. I do seem to recall the odd treat of crisps and Panda Pops
There were, however, no contraband pop tarts in our household.

This lack of pre-prepared/convenience foods probably means you have been traumatised for life and probably is the explanation for many quirks and foibles!