Michelin stars in their eyes

Tonight Matthew I am going to be........one very lucky girl. I have been most fortunate to be treated to lunch at not 1 but 2 Michelin Restaurants . The first The Olive Branch (it is also in the book) was for The Small Child's birthday. We ate lovely food, and I presented her with the gift of song....she was more impressed by the accompanying bracelet, but that's the young for you.

The Mother Hen made another one of her famous birthday cakes...Sweet 16
As if that wasn't enough today The Mother Hen and I lunched with this lovely lady* at The Hall of Hambleton. It didn't seem quite the place for pulling out the Cannon D40 and taking photos of all the food, but we did get one of the canapes.
The meal and company was exquisite, I am planning on moving into the Pavilion where The Hound and I will feast on sea bream, and a kind man will bring the chocolate box whenever we ask. The Hound is currently making change of address cards from lace doillies, tissue paper and glue - he is so Martha
It is also now on the top of my "Places I may consider marrying" list, and it is the only place I have eaten mashed potato and enjoyed it for over 25 years.
Merci beaucoup to The Captain xx
* Debbie's massages are one of life's necessities, I cannot recommend her enough, and now she is doing facials with Neal's Yard products.


Anonymous said...

I am love, love, loving the Mother Hen's cake!

Mother Hen said...

Thank you kindly anonymous, it has been a tradition in our family that I make a novelty cake for all of the offspring cake each year until they are 18. Inspiration, has over the years encompassed all categories from "A Team" vans to Alice In Wonderland and just about every conceivable item in between! What fun I had at the pick and mix this year selecting 16 different sweets (all to the small child's taste), keeping The Captain away from them whilst preparing the cake was a full time job and thank goodness there are only two more cakes to go!!!!!!!!