The cupcake cases

My inbox is full of people asking about the cupcake cases. As it happens I recommended them to the bride, so I know from whence they came.

They were first seen at Michelle and Tim's wedding cupcakes were baked by the girl in THAT dress, Jules. Isn't it the most beautiful dress in the world? Vintage naturellement. She found the cases on ebay.

So if you can't find them on there, here is the company that Hayley got them from.

I also decided yesterday, that i had had enough of the bright coloured furniture, new look shop coming soon. Well newish looking, the good people of Stamford believe the interior of the shop should be Grade I listed, and I should apply to customers for permission to change it. I intend to do it slowly and hope nobody notices. I am thinking.........pictures later maybe. Anybody want a bright pink blanket box?

This morning I emptied the washing machine and found a wishbone.

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mandiplummer said...

Thank you Miss P, some cases have now been purchased!
PS are we having a 'new look' shop party?