Sailing a la Miss P

The Other Miss Pickering and I headed out for a weekend of sailing, full of excitement, but with a little sadness at going without The Hound and The Small Child. Here are our tips and hints
1. Locate Vessel
Without the aid of Satnav (it has blown up) we headed to Plymouth to rendez-vous with The Mother Hen and The Captain. No map, we decided to head South West and stop when we got to the sea.
2. Wear appropriate attire
Apparently kitten heels and wrap dresses are not allowed, I had to wear close toe lace up shoes and something called fleece.
3. Eat a hearty breakfast and plan a route
4. Do a lot of tying and untying of ropes, figure of eights, 0800, oxo knots and all that.
5. Have a fabulous weekend sailing out to sea, and up river, barbeque on the flybridge, fail to any catch fish, laugh a lot, drink wine, and sit on the aft deck dangling your legs in the sea.

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The Other Miss Pickering said...

May I add several more points...
6. "Water on the oak!" is a very serious matter and should be dealt with as a matter of urgency.
7. Slipping on the fuel cap and falling off the side of the boat, is certainly how not to do it. Clever Miss P saw how it happened...
8. The Mother Hen is the only woman I know that can rummage in her "bedroom" and return with a bottle of red wine and a jar of spices...
9. Closing portholes breaks your nails.
10. The Captain's word is final!