Supermarket flowers

Last night we headed to Waitrose in search of something for supper, The Aristocrat selected all manner of things and put them to good use, The Hound and I feasted. Professional curiosity always has me peering at the flower stands, they vary a great deal, Waitrose normally being of a higher standard than most. Not so last night, almost every bunch was reduced and looked as though they would be lucky to survive the journey to the check out. It was a sorrowful sight. One of my customers stopped me and suggested i must be very pleased as it meant they obviously weren't selling many. I thought about this for a while, and disagreed. Any flower retailer, large, small independent, high end, low end, has a reflection on all the others. If a supermarket devalues a product so much by selling something that are half dead, even at a reduced price, how will the customer value flowers?

This is not a supermarket bashing, I believe there is a place for everyone and somebody has to sell all those dyed carnations and xanths, but if you are going to sell flowers, kindly do it properly or not at all.

Also there is one fundamental thing that could transform supermarket flower retailing, it is so simple - obviously I won't share, I'm nice but not that nice.

What are your thoughts?

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