Yet more...sorry, but this one does at least have some flowers in it

1. Pimp my Princess. If you are a rich person who lives in the former USSR, you can buy a Princess yacht, and have it "pimped" gold taps and circular baths a-go-go, or just have two holes cut in the side.
2. Use your old boat as a planter.
3. If it rains you can watch Wimbledon
4. The accommodation - stylish use of soft furnishings, surprisingly spacious, handy shelves for storing sailing "clothing" and cake tins? Only The Mother Hen.

If anybody from Joules, Crew, Musto or any of those type places are reading, can you please make a nice skirt for sailing? Something in a stripe, a bit of lycra, and perhaps with a frill at the bottom in a Broderie Anglaise? and whilst I am here, a deck shoe with a wedge?

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Bornay said...

An old blue boat full of plants!!!! yeahhhh!!! lovely photo and idea! :)