Country living the dream

This morning I headed into the garden and cut lots of herbs and a few hollyhocks to add to roses and peonies for a party. We are using purple glass cubes, I have a love/hate relationship with coloured glass. The purple is a love.
I looked like I had just stepped out of CL Magazine, albeit with my freshly washed hair in a towel turban. The basket sat in the shop for a bit whilst i rattled out some bouquets. One of my customers sighed and said "you are living my dream"
I explained the grass is always greener, and there are downsides to life as a "florist", then she asked "What is your dream job?"
A few flashed through my head, GoGo dancer, Chef, fisherman, chatelaine, showjumper, air hostess? My answer was this: The Saturday Telegraph's flower columnist. I realise this will mean that the lovely Sarah Raven will have to leave, but you can't have everything. I love the Saturday Telegraph.....I could just do it if Sarah went on holiday?
Do you have a dream job? - does that sound like a feature from daytime television? Did I mention I would like to present GMTV? xoxo


What makes you happy? said...

I love the Saturday Telegraph too and Sarah Raven's job does seem rather attractive especially if her home went with it! But then again I wouldn't mind being Pippa Funnell either...

Mrs B said...

I've daydreamed my way through a lot of funeral work this afternoon and have come up with the following:
1. 'This Morning' presenter, ideally alongside Phillip and Fern, but as the opportunity has passed me by, how about........
2. Perfumier aka 'the nose' for a fragrance house of the Miller Harris ilk
3. Childrens book illustrator
4. Maker of exquisite cakes that people want to spend a fortune on!

SoozNooz said...

What a lovely comment from your customer - you see you are living her dream! Gorgeous! Somehow I feel this way at the moment after career redirection - Living MY dream!
Life is good.