Easy like Sunday morning

1. Breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup, and blueberries
2. Books currently on the nightstand
3. The Hound somewhat startled at the news that this is the last in the series of Top Gear.
4. The garden continues to provide us with armfuls of herbs and elderberries, we have scoured our ridiculously large collection of cookery books for different recipes.
5. Are you a Katie girl or a simple girl? Catching an early episode of SATC, we all know he chose a Katie girl in the end.

We have also debated if kitten heels are acceptable footwear for fishing tomorrow, and as instructed I have acquired a baseball cap....don't expect a photo.
We have also been talking Italian

The lovely Mrs B, visited our shop on Friday, she came with Mr B and dog Lucy, it turns out she is also a florist, and came bearing gifts of cake and pig's ears. The Hound and I were bowled over, thank you so much, stay in touch...x

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kelly said...

hope you're having fun fishing! your sunday morning list is full of such loveliness...laura stoddart is one of my favourite illustrators and i treasure her books. on to elderberries and i cooked up a crumble with our harvest last year http://lastdayofmay.blogspot.com/2008/09/purple-part-one.html and i also remember making a mental note to brew some elderberry schnapps for christmas gifts. i never got round to doing it but you just reminded me to try again! Xx