I was persuaded by a team of ladies to buy some old bowls and jugs from a church which has closed down. They had a combined age of 439. I have always been a sucker for old things.

What of The Hound? Well he spent much of the latter half of last week at the horse trials. Dressed in Dubarry boots, tweed jacket, and a monocle, he spent a lot of time in the members enclosure. My apologises if his rather raucous behaviour interrupted your weekend of horseplay. He finally returned in the small hours of Monday morning, weighed down by an assortment of shooting sticks, the odd bronze, and a new pair of plus fours. He is now working flat out on "Operation destagnation" it is a tough case but he has some wily tricks up his sleeve.


SoozNooz said...

Superb containers - Love them

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Pickering

Thank you for doing such a lovely job of the flowers for the chapel on wednesday. we are still enjoying them in our little cottage now all the champagne has been drunk!!

I also mentioned you in my own newby blog.