You're my diamond in the rough

A mini rose that had suffered at my neglectful hands, planted out in the garden, and rewarded us with a single bloom.

Change of subject - I couldn't think of a link, forgive me
Sometimes I like a bit of formality, unless a friend, I'd rather be addressed as Miss Pickering, especially by sales people. Addressing me by my Christian name will not make me want to switch my broadband provider, quite the opposite. I also like this degree of formality with lovers. There is something very chaste and Austenesque gained in addressing one's lover as Mr ..... try it, you might like it, wear an Empire line dress for extra titillation, or send a love letter written in purple ink.
Speaking of which, (another terrible link, let's all praise be that I am not a DJ) my friend Sally, she of The Book, has started a blog of love letters between herself and Billy Kelly. Take note any of you that use dreadful text speak to woo a lady...this is how it is done, my favourite so far.

The post title, is from Candy by Paolo Nutini - anyone with a penchant for outdoor weddings and fairy lights should watch the video.

I'll be there, waiting for you.

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SoozNooz said...

Oh how special to be featured in Sally's book. I have just purchased for myself "The Flower Shop" and am loving the inspiration.