There aren't enough hours in the day

It is all go here, The Hound is turning out wedding bouquets and buttonholes, I am mainly eating gifts of millionaires shortbread from the aforementioned Hambleton Bakery. They wrap things in waxed paper, like off of the olden days.

Have a fabulous weekend, we will be at the Burghley wedding Fayre

We have some Amaryllis in the shop, they are called Ferrari.....I am not sure how they got in.

The Hound scored some Wild Boar trotters at the farmers market, and I think I have had too much coffee.


Devon Dumpling said...

I was in Stamford earlier and I am glad that I did not go into the bakery today as that shortbread looks gorgeous (and very tempting) and I am going to get rather large if I keep eating cake and biscuits the way I currently am! x

kelly said...

hello busy bees!

oh the olden days...don't you just love them? i'm sure they had more hours then too.

glad you are spiking your crazy days with sweet treats and caffeine perks. good luck for the fayre at the weekend...i bet you stand will be the bestest!

i must trot along soon to see the amaryllis. do they move as fast as the name suggests? XxX

Miss Pickering said...

The Ferrari Amaryllis like their Formula one counterparts normally fail to finish!

We must make a plan for meeting up, also 2 ladies came in yesterday and between them bought all your button magnets.