You've heard of Watergate?

Take one quirky florist, add an eccentric farmer, some locally grown food, pudding served in Bonne Maman jars, Carry On mugs, chocolate mousse a la 1970's, and a cinema in the bottom of the garden.

It's a Boden wearers wet dream.

There is such more to tell you about yesterday, but you would never believe me.

Meanwhile back at the ranch The Hound and Mr Ferrari watched the race, practiced magic tricks, and filled the fridge with even more tempting morsels.


Anonymous said...

ah, so you've enjoyed mr naylor's cinema then?

SoozNooz said...

Lashings of loveliness!

Anonymous said...

Eton Mess in Bon Maman jars? I didn't think it was possible, but you've been out-twee'd by Mr Naylor :)