Cherry Brandy is the new Amnesia

I predicted it last year, and it has come true.

Mixing those vintage colours with something brighter is the way forward.

Sadly my predictions for the lottery have yet to come to anything.
Apologises for the lean on the pictures, I am having trouble uploading anything.
I can assure you that the cake was perfectly straight.


Anonymous said...

I've become addicted to your blog. It's like flower porn. I cannot wait to come back home and visit the shop. It's like you photocopied my wedding scrapbook and uploaded it
I love it!!

flwrjane said...

In the Washington D.c. area Amnesia is the new Amnesia. We've forgotten about Cherry Brandy ( thanks for the heads up)

Anonymous said...

I love Cherry Brandy too Miss Pickering. The wedding is dramatic, great colour scheme- Bright and Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

how luscious

Laura said...

you are indeed right about the cheery Cherry Brandy. As a fellow florist I am a fan. So much so that I recommended them to the receptionist at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Vegas whilst waiting to have my wedding blessed by Elvis. She was getting herself wed in autumn (in the countryside neer many a tree, not in a parking lot in a Chapel in Vegas) and was indeed chuffed at my suggestion. Blog is marvellous Miss Pickering x