The insecurities of a 30 something florist...

Skirt and top by Boden. Heart headband by Bando. Ballet pumps by Joules.

My life would be a whole lot better if I:

Had straight hair.
Could effortlessly mix vintage, high street and designer like the girl in the magazine.
Knew what shade lipstick really suited me.
Wore more wrap dresses
stopped wearing wrap dresses
Could wear heels in the shop.
Had a signature perfume.

wore more stripes?

I definitely need to wear more stripes.


Anonymous said...

Insecurities Miss P? I think you are amazing, talented and funny. Stuff the rest. Your the hottest florist around.


Darcy said...

Ah I am such a Jules fan, I love their colours & styles, sadly I cannot wear stripes, my generous bust just won't allow it, my chest ends up looking like one of those optical illusion pictures!!!

blue moss said...

I need more stripes too ...love it all