Just precious

This is the new saying for twee.

"It's just precious"

Practice it, we will be using it a lot. Perhaps to describe the old gardening books, mini vases of local ranunculus or a vintage photograph of a girl and basset? I know, the shop has outdone itself today.

Or perhaps we will use it to describe Alys and her new TV series. Whilst we were all focused on Miss Dahl, a young girl is growing vegetables, shot in sepia, with a dog.

Oh my

Not the most instructional of programmes, top-line whimsy, one suspects Alys knows a lot more, but heaven forbid she should share her horticultural knowledge when there are falafel to be made. Of course there will be a book, i shall be first in line.

Strangely, I didn't feel the need to hide behind a cushion cringing like I do with Miss Dahl, but if anybody comes at me with a pea shoot martini.......

Just precious


Tracy x said...

she crept up on us with her beautiful garden and sweet doglet...
the hounds and i are quite smitten after just the first episode...

could you also let the hound know that young upstart cricket is so very pleased to have been noticed by his greatness THE HOUND OF BLOGDOM.. he is practicing very hard to be as talented and pure :)
t x

Becca said...

Oh my God I say precious all the time. I feel like I should stop for fear of mocking.
Will stop.

flwrjane said...

Oh Miss P. I just saw I made your list and am not so secretly delighted. Is that twee of me? Can't get the link in your post to work so I hesitate to use precious.