How we can be lovers if we can't be friends?

how can we start over when the fighting never ends?

I heard this song on the radio yesterday, and thought it would make a good post title. Who knew it would be perfect for today?

We'll just take a moment to address it, and then move on shall we?

Gordon Brown's speech writer deserves a pat on the back and a box of cereal, pause here, wheel out children here, don't call anyone a bigot, and the nation will forgive you for everything....?
The last term i used the word coalition was in a history GCSE.
Dave is in number 10, but he hasn't done it with a Conservative government, so kindly stop crowing.
In the words of Gene Hunt....now get on with it.

I had intended to spend the evening cooking us up something exotic, using some newly acquired ingredients, I love people that bring me gifts of food. Has anybody other than Heston used any Umami?

Then last night happened, so I made everybody fish finger sandwiches instead.
A giveaway later, if the cereal arrives.


melski said...

fish finger sandwiches? wow, that's a totally new one for me. what do you put in aside from fish fingers?

Miss Pickering said...

I was going to get all cheffy and make a herb mayonnaise, but i was transfixed by Jaguars coming and going from The Palace.

So just salt

MrsP said...

Oh fish finger butties- yum! You are so not good for my diet... Guess what I'm going to have to have for lunch now?? You forgot to add that they HAVE to have lots of butter on the bread so it can go all melted and gooey. Mmmmmm is it lunch time yet?

Jessica T Lowe said...

I had to reply! Try cheese and ketchup in them - sounds a bit yuck but tastes so very very good. These type of sandwiches should be reserved for special hangovers.