Like a circle in a spiral

Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever spinning reel

The new term has started, boarders arrived clutching a tuck box and their parents hopes and dreams. The wind is blowing, the crab apples are a bright orange, and suddenly it feels so very Autumnal.

1. Chinese Lanterns
2. Bramble vodka in the making
3. Stamping is cool again.

Did you have a good weekend?


LouBoo said...

Hello - wonderful chinese laterns. We once bought a house and the decider was that the garden was overrun with these lanterns. I dried them and had them everywhere; they will forever remind me of that place! Lovely. Lou x

Becca said...

Miss P, has my boyfriend been making you mixed tapes?? That's on my mixed tape-how very very scary. Do you also have that song in French by that film boys girlfriend and my favourite...
We live together in a photograph of time, I look into your eyes and the seas open up to me at number 8 by Anthony someone?

Ps love the stamp-where did you find it?

I hate autumn. I could skip autumn and go straight to winter and anemones and the smell of Christmas trees everywhere.

Gill said...

I love Autumn. Late Flowers, red leaves and seedheads. I also love that Hydrangea stamp.

Miss Pickering said...

Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons.
The stamp is from Colemans Art shop - seemingly useful for more than just U4 art projects.

Becca, I dont think it is your boyfriend that is making me mix tapes, if it is. Awkward.

kelly said...

i'll never forget the autumn term when i me and my mum forgot what day it started...we were shopping in queensgate and saw girls in uniform. (i was about to start in u3) makes me laugh now but at the time i was mortified...having inherited the shopping gene from my mum though i now realise how easy it is to get distracted like that!

totally with you on the season favourites. i am packing away the summer wardrobe and thinking of tights for me and elsa.

oh blackberry vodka...i made it last year. and this year i can drink it hooray!! XxX

p.s. have you got a new pencil case?

Becca said...

Phew! It's likely not. He mainly makes me them because I have the musical tastes of an eight year old. Taylor Swift anyone?

j. vorwaller said...

Oh, those chinese lanterns are absolutely magical - such a gorgeous color. I love autumn!

Mother Hen said...

Hmmm, I am also delighting in the new stamps and may have an interior design project in mind for you. xxx