Spot the odd one out

2 very different weddings this weekend.

I have ripped off half a fingernail, which is ridiculously painful, and is rendering my left hand pretty useless. My timing is as always impeccable.

I have also broken one of my favourite and most useful vases.

All in all today has not started that well.

But The Boy Wonder has been doing his best to make me laugh.

I have always been able to wiggle my nose a la Bewitched, I didn't know he could too.

Tell me your day is going so much better?


Julienne said...

wish I could!

Mrs B said...

OUCH....sounds painful.

For once mine is..... trashy mags, holiday, heat and the pyramids to look foward to. Am I v. sad....I am a little upset about missing the Victoria plums?

Big things happening on my return.