To me you're strange and you're beautiful

Do you know that song?

It is a little bit creepy, but also quite lovely.

Sort of like Celosia, only i am still struggling with the lovely part.

It isn't a loathsome flower, but nor do they give me butterflies. Do you like them?

New look shop is taking shape, people are unsure. I will endeavour to take proper pictures tomorrow of work so far.

Newish rose Dark upper secret, what do we think?

Flowers for Country Living magazine's stand at Burghley, they look stiff, but a few hours in a warm marquee and they will be just the ticket.


Julienne said...

Can't say the celosia does a lot for me but the roses are lovely and I love the blue and white stripes.

a tiny hurricane said...

The roses are divine, I want some! Great blog, just come across it. Looking forward to seeing the new look of your shop!

~My Fleur Journey~ said...

Hmm.. really unsure about Celosia. They resemble a bit like human's brain or cockscomb, neither which is particularly nice.

~My Fleur Journey~ said...

But I love the roses and the red seeded eucalyptus(?) btw!