How to make a glass of Autumn cheer

Line a drinking glass with hydrangea leaves
Insert a piece of well soaked oasis

Cut foliage from the garden, scented herbs work wonderfully.
Insert into oasis
Floret a hydrangea head and add

Add suitable autumn like flowers and seed heads

Repeat to fade.

Do wear red nail polish and matching lipstick when you make these, have a Manhattan on the go as well, a Gitanes if you will.

But please, please don't make them whilst wearing a black satin dressing gown, and side on to camera.

Happy weekend my darlings.


kelly said...

love your cheer on this drizzly friday.

and oh miss l.

now i have stuck with her from the early days on nigel slater shows but last night i cringed. i am about to make her pea risotto though for lunch...reading her words seems better these days for me.

bon weekend! i shall be in touch re monday : ) xXx

Becca said...

What is to floret?

I'm going to make one this weekend

Miss Pickering said...

Kelly - See you Monday xx

Becca - to floret, make like a cauliflower, section into smaller pieces it goes further. You will see when you do it. Obviously photographic evidence of handiwork is required.

Mrs. Sutton said...

Divinely pretty - thanks for the tip! xx

cowparsley said...

Yes, the black satin dressing gown was a step too far for me! I missed the very end, did she raid the fridge in the dead of night?!

RedFish said...

I thought I'd turned onto a porn channel by mistake, salami pasta will never be the same again!