The silver swan

I heart old glass.
I bought some yesterday at the Newark Antique Fair. A trip with my beloved The Other Cityboy
The sun shone, the tea flowed and the bacon sandwiches were toasted.
It was an insight into the very small world of antique silver. A male dominated world, which is always fun.

The shop looks great, I have the wrong lens on the camera to capture it, and i think the table needs a hot date with some nitromors.

Next week.

In other news, we have to congratulate Becca long time commenter, first time bride, on her engagement.

Will you be going to the Designer Wedding Show? I will pop my head around the door on Sunday. I'll be the one in very high heels and tweed jacket.

Bon weekend


Becca said...

Am attempting not to squeal. Its still new. I'll squeal inside.

I'm not going to the DWS (next year maybe). This year its all a bit new and I want to enjoy the feeling of being engaged for at least a month before launching in to any decisions! It shall be my show of choice, I went to the national wedding show as a bridesmaid and it gave me a migrane.

Which tweed jacket? I'm in lust with the one in Joules.

Mrs B said...

Congratulations Becca.... very sensible to enjoy your 'engaged' time as much as possible. Can we have details of the sparkler and the proposal please?

Miss P, if you happen to stumble across my beloved but rather clueless sister at the DWS, please steer her in an appropriate direction, ta very much xx