Dressing like the girls on the blogs

I adore blogs, they inspire, entertain, but some have the (unintentional)habit of making one feel a little inadequate in the style stakes.

The girls on the blogs all wear striped tops, vintage dresses, skinny jeans and accessorise with the perfect bag.

Here are some examples of stylish bloggers

A cup of Jo
Rockstar diaries
Simple lovely

Now thanks to the hard work of The Other Miss Pickering and quite a few other people one of the bloggers' favourite brands Lands End Canvas is available here in the UK. I for one am putting the bag, and striped top on my birthday list.

Before you know it, The Hound and I will be popping up on The Sartorialist

and in other blogging news i discovered this blog at the weekend. I have a serious girl crush.

Did you spend the weekend clearing out your wardrobe too?


Cooks Lane Herbs said...

Yes, Miss P, spent Sunday clearing out old clothes. I have at last faced the fact that I will probably never "slim" into those jeans. Ever. Plan to cheer myself up with that bag, now! Happy shopping yourself x

love those cupcakes said...

Thanks for the Landsend link. I do buy from them occasionally and had no idea they'd launched their Canvas range here. I too visit a couple of those blogs (have you looked at Artemis' jewellery?). Not only do they make me feel unstylish, they make me feel old. Very old!

benjiboy said...

Indeed the girls on the blogs are super stylee but some of the blog boys can carry a shirt like a tune and swagger through their flower fields with a wiggle that would make a young girl blush.
Ps Lovin your 'woodland' reminds me of the work of Scotish photographer Calum Colvin who uses a similar technique...wonderful stuff.
We would love you to visit our blog and would indeed kiss your slutty shoes ;)

George's Mum said...

I'm totally with you!! I usually blog in my pyjamas.... eeek! note to self: Must try harder! will be clearing out ready for the freezing cold over the next week also.... x

Florist in the Forest said...

I have been hooked on the tales of a junkaholic ever since I laid eyes on her beautiful wedding pics!!
Now I'm off to swoon over the others you mentioned.

a tiny hurricane said...

Your post hit the mark and made me chuckle. I own one stripey top from Gap that has seen better days. Note to self - I must try and be more stylish. But hey, life's too short to try and recreate yourself and follow a trend. Mind you that canvas bag is lovely :)