Book case makeover

I have 3 very basic ikea bookcases. They were at the shop, then in the sitting room, then in another corner of the sitting room, and now they are in the kitchen.

I got bored of the turquoise dresser in there, and so now that is is in the sitting room looking out of place.

The bookcases are pretty uninspiring so i had planned to bring in some pattern by wallpapering the back. In the meantime i am using the most beautiful wrapping paper i bought in Liberty. Held in place with sellotape.

The wrapping paper doesn't quite fit, and the kitchen table is piled high with all all the things that were in the dresser.

I am loving the crop tool today.


Tracy x said...

i use the crop tool a lot - without it i would have zero followers to my blog as i generally always live in a jumbled mix of animal feed, filthy boots and waterproof clothing...
crop rocks :)
t x

Becca said...

Thank God! I thought you were a master florist, gin drinking chef, decorating in your sleep wonderwoman. The selatape makes you normal!

I achieved nothing domesticated over Christmas. I meant to clean the flat but stayed at home as long as possible!

Totally loving the wrapping paper. Mega funky.

I have a liberty card despite only ever buying cards and stationary in there. It's the kudos of it.


The magic the crop tool! What would we do without digital cameras and photoshop! Happy New Year. Kx

Urbanstems said...

Brilliant - literally giving us just a sneak peak!! Happy New Year. Sinead

Emily Quinton said...

Wrapping paper heaven x

Anonymous said...

And who wouldnt be without that wonderfully flattering item of clothing the crop top? Fear I may have ruined all chances of posting on here ever again. Clever girl! Mrs T-J