Under the joint soup

I love a roast as much as the next florist, but it is the leftovers i like the most. Cold chicken and chips, sandwiches, pasta dishes, all good things.

The thing i make most however is soup. Vegetables roasted under a joint are oozing with all the flavour from the meat. I prefer orange vegetables for this, carrot, sweet potato, or butternut squash. these particular ones were roasted under a joint of pork, i tossed them in olive oil, a spoonful of garam masala, chopped garlic, dried chilli flakes, extra cumin, and a lemon squeezed over.

Heat the leftover veg in a pan, add stock, and a tin of tomatoes, blitz with a hand blender and serve with a glug of olive oil.

Whilst clearing out my bookshelves it would appear i once paid £12.99 for a cookery book written by Ainsley Harriot. The shame.

To compensate, more tasteful wrapping paper being used as wallpaper.


Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Memories of 'Ready Steady Cook' and Ainsley grinning. Oh dear. Soups sounds lovely though.

Tracy x said...

Antony Worrall Thompson here...:(

cowparsley said...

oooh I like the new header, tea drinker.....mmm I give that until the weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the tea Simone, no vino for me for the whole of Jan (any more catastrophes pending being the only clause in my personal contract!), the ski slopes are beckoning so lunges and squats and probably a colonic too are order of the day. Love and lovely soup, Mrs T-J xxx

flwrjane said...

I don't think you should reopen the shop, I'm getting very spoiled with these daily posts.

And I could get very spoiled eating your soup.

xo Jane

Dan said...

MMmm, soup sounds fantastic!
Poor Ainsley, I hope he doesn't read this post, he'd feel so rejected!

George's Mum said...

Thanks for making me smile.... Hope you enjoeyd your last day off. xx

sarah said...

I am really enjoying your blog and love the new header. Very best wishes. Sarah

Harriet Hat peg said...

I love the wrapping paper/wallpaper and love your blog too. I always wanted to go on Ready Steady Cook with a frozen chicken and angel delight and see what they could make with it.