Oh, na, na, what's my name?

Hey, boy, I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me.

I had a romantic notion that I would tell each bride which song i was listening to when i made their bouquet. But it isn't normally anything suitable, because sometimes it is 5am in the morning, and at 5am you need Rihanna, really loud.

I will bring you the wedding another day.

1. 3 from the top, and 5 from anywhere else
2. Hypnose are seriously thorny
3. Happy Birthday
4. I hide cocktail sausages in the ever increasing pile of leaves on the floor. It keeps him occupied

I have been given the gift of a goose egg.
That is not a euphemism.
Omlette anyone?

Today's fragrance was Coco Mademoiselle, i found in the wedding toolbow whilst looking for a hair bobble.

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megan said...

I have thought of this also, but it seems horribly inappropriate. "Dear Bride ____ , while putting the final touches on your bouquet, Orgasm Addict by the Buzzcocks was playing quite loudly."