Terracotta long toms and rusty watering cans

We have gone all gardeny. Just when it is actually too wet to even tread in the garden, but I had some rusty watering cans I needed to store, and the window seemed like the perfect place.

Pansies, are they gauche? I adore them.

In other news
We have just been to the pet shop and sampled the most expensive dog food in the world. The box would feed The Hound for 6 weeks, and costs £149.00. It was not to his taste.
The macarons were taken to The Grandmothers 88th birthday. We drank champagne. My Grandmother is terribly grand, and with a new do, now looks like Coco Chanel.

Everybody had a macaron, but nobody had two.....So far no call from Raymond.

The restaurant next door are making ham hock terrine.

My quirky sales messages on the blackboard outside are lost on 3 elderly people who have spent 10 minutes reading it out loud, trying to understand it.

and i've been thinking about you.


Mother Hen said...

Actually I had another macaroon at Grandmas this morning, delicious, we were just too full of champagne afternoon tea xxx

Mrs T-J said...

Rusty watering cans ooze character I think. I also love pansies and violas, although this winter killed nearly all of mine off bar a few very hardy fellows! The cyclamen capitualted at the first freeze. The bulbs in the garden are threatening to burst into colour now and I cant wait. My camelia is going to produce a very colourful display this year which rather baffles me given the harshnest of our winter. Mmmm rather fancy a glass of Champagne! xxx

Len said...

Jill Colonna, a Scottish woman living in Paris, has written a book called "Mad About Macarons". Evidently a very easy method that gives the same quality as French pastry shops. Here is the link to her website - http://madaboutmacarons.com/

Deborah said...

The window looks great and no you can't knock a pansy.

It took me a while to decipher the chalk board.. must be getting old :/.. x

Becca said...

I planted some pansys in my garden about twenty years ago (in my metre square of the vegetable patch no less) and they still come up every year in various patches of the garden. I have no idea how they spread.

You need to go to my Mum's house and route around the garage. She has some of your tea caddy's and rusty old wheel barrows galore. She's such a hoarder!

Juanita said...

Consider the chalk message a service add-on, since it's good to keep the elderlys' minds active! :-)

Primchick said...

Think you should change the chalk board message daily, to keep the buggers on their toes.. :oP

The Little Florist said...

What a beautiful window display. I am in love with the sugar container used as a pot. I am also very jealous you guys get to enjoy garden season so quickly. We still have a couple months of winter ahead of us. Thank you Canada for being so bloody cold all of the time.