See you on the other side

I am ordering more flowers, before unpacking the ones i have. I pressed the BUY NOW button on some ridiculously pretty and a bit expensive iris. Please come and buy them tomorrow.

Jam jars are filled with narcissus, i want to paint the whole shop black, because everything looks so amazing photographed against it.

Remind me to tell you about the man with the diamonds, and how yesterday i acquired 18 vintage cameras. I think they all work.

There is also a wedding tomorrow, a girl i went to school with, going to an all girls school gives you a bigger potential client base. These are things i didn't appreciate when there were no boys in my class.

We are open on Sunday if that helps? 8-1pm or something like that. I might still be there at 9pm tidying up.

I'll tell you all about it on Sunday night, and then we are having a blogging break, for a whole week.

We are going away, 120 film and a Caramac bar in our back pockets.

Have a brilliant weekend.


Laura Coleman said...

Iris were indeed expensive this morning. They made me do one of those inward whistles that mechanics do when you take your car in.

To the people of Stamford. I advise of one thing. Buy Miss Pickerings iris'. If they are anything as beautiful as the ones I saw today at my wholesaler in Manchester, they will indeed be worth it.

PS Could you pass my thanks to The Hound for his iphone update on Miss Marple. This is news to me. I'll think about my view on this. Doubtless, I'll never find time to watch it so I'm unsure it matters.

Have a fabulous Mother's Day. x

A Cuban In London said...

Beautiful photos. And I notice that you're partial to the old Kettle Chips, too. Right up my street, I say. :-)

Greetings from London.

Pennie said...

Errr - not maybe the right thing to ask, but am rather partial to Caramac bars myself - where DO you get them from now? I haven't seen any for sale for yonks!

Sian (Elysian Weddings) said...

Love those tuplips! Just beautiful!

Katie said...

That second photo is so dreamy - love all your photos in fact

The Missing Curtain said...

As for the second photo... I have obtained that very image in reality for my mum and dad and the scent is divine.
I can tell you this for a fact....on this Mother's day weekend, Miss Pickering's shop is absolutely packed with the most delicate, scented, architectural, romantic, fluffy, kissable, olfactory sensations ever! Never have I seen more beautiful arrangements and still, the collective individual flowers, are so proudly and patiently waiting in the wings to be hand tied in a bouquet.
Mummys certainly are worth it!

Jenny Rudd said...

Who is getting married and where? I saw Chris Cox out here in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago. It was like having a little bit of Stamford on the other side of the world