Flower school with cameras. Done.

Yesterday was such an amazing day.

I love teaching people about flowers, they come full of enthusiasm and leave with confidence. It is a wonderful transformation to witness, i feel like a proud mother. They learn that it isn't rocket science and neither is there a right or wrong way, apart from if you use gerbera. That is most definitely wrong. On every level.With access to the same flowers, everybody made completely different things. Brilliant.

They also leave with bellies full of homemade rhubarb muffins, and a bag full of vintage jam jars and seasonal flowers.

Yesterday's course however was like no other, as Emily Quinton came too, and in the afternoon we learnt how to photograph flowers. I learnt more in those couple of hours about photography than i could ever have imagined.

I had a eureka moment and have learnt to take the camera off auto, and that there is more to life than a 50mm lens. I know my photographs aren't bad, but that is because for every shot you see here, there are probably another 45 in the camera. I work on the probability that at least one of them might be alright.

taught us to think just a little bit more before pressing the shutter, to look at light, shadows, colour, shapes and backgrounds. Again not rocket science, but i feel quite sure that the photos appearing here will start to improve. I also now know what bracketing is. I feel like i have been let into a secret club.

A huge thank you to all the ladies that came on the course for allowing me to prattle on about my love of flowers, The Hound, and one or two other things....

I can't wait for the next one.


a house mouse said...

Sounds like a great time. I started taking a photography class & I was surprised how quickly some of the little tricks helped my shots. I still have a million unused images in the camera, but some habit die hard.

paige said...

Thank you, Miss Pickering, for a most memorable and adventure filled day yesterday. You couldn't have said it better! We came with enthusiasm, left with confidence, and gained even more enthusiasm and excitement than before! It was an honor and joy to spend the day with you and Emily, the other lovely ladies, and of course, The Hound.

Mrs T-J said...

Bravo! What more affirmation do you need of a day etched into memory than Paige's words. Hound I think your contributory question was the most timely and profound of the whole day xxx