Spring for a day

Earlier in the week, there was a funeral and for one day only it was once again Spring.

Lily of the valley and tulips bound with Stephanotis, sat next to summery sweetpeas.

Today it might as well be November, the rain hasn't stopped. Today's bride seemingly unperturbed. It is another secret wedding. Loving these.

With 1 down, we are carb loading on Nasi Goreng before starting on the next 4. August is crazy.

In other news, The Hound not content with sitting for some of the finest photographers, has turned to artists. We love it.

He is in discussion to have mugs/bags/cards/anything made.

and Becca made it to the #LMDsoiree and back. We await news.

Also lots of people have brought me their business cards with the presumption that i will give them to my brides. Somebody asked me whilst eating a sausage roll from Greggs out of the paper bag.

I'm not a  fan of  people who hammer home their brand every 5 minutes, but nor am i a fan of people talking with a mouthful of crumbs.

and news just in, Emily and Stef's wedding is on Rock'n'Roll bride today.


Tiffany | Wholesale Roses Store said...

You had a lot of short news for today...
1)I love stephanotis so I was glad you mentionesd such a beautifl and delicate flower,
2) I also hate people who talk while their mouth is full... YUK!

flwrjane said...

It took me nine hours to see these photos....if I had know lily of the valley was involved I would have thrown my orders to the winds and gazed and gazed.

Clearly a much loved person.

Rock and roll bride? I'm outta here..

xo Jane

Martin & the Magpie said...

How I miss spring.....beauiful, beautiful funeral flowers....thankfully Greggs hasn't made it to our backwater yet...xx

Stephanie said...

I run a small business that hires out candelabra to be used as tablecentres, I have been approached by a number of florists local to me in Sleaford & therefore decided to visit a few with some of my business cards. I made a point of telephoning first to make sure it was convenient, dressed smartly & was not eating food of any kind. I got quite a good response. Do the cards you have been approached with relate in anyway to floristry or totally unrelated things? I only went because people often want flowers adding to them.