Because a florist isn't a florist without

a table football.

I went to buy a dresser, and came back with this instead.

The rumours that i bought it to lure men into my shop, are entirely true.

We have re-opened, it isn't entirely finished but i am really good at table football.

More next week.The rest of the shop,the amazing team that worked with me, and the method behind the madness

There is some.


last day of may said...

i like!

happy saturday. x

Becca said...


It will keep TBTMMO entertained whilst we chat wedding floral and all things film photography and eat cake.

Mrs B said...

Sooo unpredictable. Love it xx

SvenskaBlomsterbloggar said...

Wow, you are crazy! HAHAHA! The best ever! Now the customers will stay not for just a bouquet, but for a game as well! //Emelie

flwrjane said...


Now we can be "Friends".

xo jane

Lotte and Bloom said...

it's a beauty, it's all about the wood isn't it don't you think? this is a fine specimen

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

Fancy a Game ?

yours Mr H.

Stella said...

Love it!
If I hadn't just downsized my shop, this would be perfect!