It was going to be Hitchcock themed. Birds.

but it turns out i only have bird. singular.

So instead a sort of mad science lab of bottled rats and bats and spiders and beetles, and a few gourds and solanum thrown in for fun.

The Upper Sixth boys came to regardez le spectacle, and declared me to be the coolest person. Ever.

Why didn't i know this when i was in the Lower Fifth?

If i had had a heron at school Daffyd Jones would have thought i was cool. Whatever happened to him? All blonde curls and good at singing, and used to hang out with Fitz?

You know when we did Orpheus in the Underworld?, and we performed the can-can, and i slipped and broke my elbow.

All i needed was a heron.

Hindsight is a blessed thing.


Mrs T-J said...

Where is a Heron indeed, when you are 15 and you so need one? All this time I thought Sun-in and roller boots were the answer!

Fabulous, amazing display and yes very, very cool, I love it and am now looking at my diary because I simply have to come and feel it's spine tingling effect for myself.

Also dont you think "Gourd" is such a perfect halloweeny veg name, I mean parsnip just doesnt have the same impact does it? xxx

Len said...

I love all of the close-ups of your window display but could you show us the entire window?

I do display myself. The best time to photograph a window display is at night so that you don't have sky reflections on the glass. Also use a polarizing filter as it cuts down excess glare.

I enjoy your blog a lot, keep up the great work.

Bow Street Flowers said...

ok Miss P. I won't say the V word, but how 'bout that Heron? he looks a bit long of tooth. Frankly, I'm happy to see the old bottles too.

Jen of Country Weekend said...

Amazing--what fun you have with your displays. Thanks for sharing!

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Perfect. Hope you have a loud spooky laugh for unsuspecting customers. Mwah Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

I spotted these creepy crows today and thought of you! Might help you with The Birds theme for next year?


Loving your blog as always!

Anonymous said...

Love the display - and Orpheus, what a fab time, i wonder how many of us L5s girls joined just to see the L6s boys on a reg basis! BTW Daffydd Tavinor - not Jones!

Daffydd said...

Daffydd Tavinor moved eventually to Petersfield, Hants. A similar set-up to Stamford but smaller and fewer churches. He/ I was diagnosed with leukaemia on December 23rd and have been undergoing treatment ever since. It's not all bad though, my daughter, Matilda, will be born on February 18th. As for Fitz, not a clue. You girls were cute and tempting as hell, but I don't know about the heron. Chin up.

Miss Pickering said...


Gosh suddenly i am 14 again! Congratulations on the impending birth of your daughter, and i hope the treatment isn't too ghastly.

I know Petersfield,very much like Stamford. Not much has changed here, although there are now mixed lessons in the L6 and U6.

Many of the teachers are still there.......

Happy New Year