A weekend

Spent doing clinical trials on kale. Will it last in water in exhibition hall conditions. It would appear so. Joy.

Also purple potatoes, hundreds of cocktail sticks and an oasis cone.

Car boot treasure of a school satchel, once owned by Marie Claire, and a TLR camera.

and i cooked pork for hours and hours in ginger beer. Recipe to follow. Definitely food to win the heart of a man.

The Hound stood guard at the oven door for many of the hours.

and then yesterday a trip to Harpenden. Email, Twitter etc. all very well and good, but sometimes you need to jump in the car and have a lunch.

and i learnt that i can manoeuvre a pushchair in high heels, with 2 children in it.

Did you have fun? Are you an earth mother too?


1 comment:

flwrjane said...

How funny, I cooked pork for hours and hours in white wine.

The Lab could only lie on her sick bed and smell.

But smell she did.

Ah yes, earth mother. Totally not the phrase that pops to mind when thinking of you.

Now if you only had a fleece vest...

xo Jane