The day after

The only way to follow yesterday's post, is with a picture of a puppy.

A puppy startled by how many people read the blog yesterday.

The relief that people got it is enormous, both here and in real life. I have enjoyed watching people read the sign in the window, and then throw back their heads with laughter.

There is nothing sexier than laughter, and a big bouquet of flowers obvs.

Sometimes choosing Cleaver over Darcy is the right move. Sorry there are swears.


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

How lovely to see the Hound looking demure. More Hound please.

Urbanstems said...

Love the hound. Now copyright that quote about flowers and currency!!! Sinead

Anonymous said...

That clip is funny. As a man it is a cautionary tale.

Choose a Bridget.

Becca said...

I love you just as you are". How can we resist a bit of Darcy?

I support the Darcy in this situation. We just have too much in common (law...brown hair....)

You know they are making a Bridget musical? Can't wait.