London, innit.

Back in the bosom of friends who know me better than i know myself. Supper, wine, gentle piss-taking and a group effort completing the Saturday Telegraph general knowledge crossword.

That's what i miss most about London.

I also miss the pace, but only sometimes.

Mishkins the venue for my lunch date. Loved it. I want to go again, today, i like places where the tables are super close together, and the staff are all hipsters, and they don't use pound signs on the menu, and on one side graphic designers and on the other ladies clutching Fay Maschler's review. You don't get that round these parts.

developed a wood fetish

and bought Valentine's cards.

and then met Mrs Beard here.

and i had a Pinkberry, i feel like a proper blogger now. It's fat free people. Amazing.

I also met 3 other brides and a magazine, fell over and grazed my knee, a stranger bought me a cocktail, and left my make-up bag behind.


flwrjane said...

This was quite a trip.

I didn't know you had PinkBerrys there.

Your pictures are drool worthy.

xo Jane

Miss Pickering said...


It's just the one Pinkberry (singular)

A little bit of the US of A.

Just Jane Grace said...

Love the cook's apron!


found and sewn said...

What a lovely day! Mishkins looks like a great place for lunch.

Mrs Beard said...

It was very lovely to see you!

I think the wine waiter dude was flirting with you by the way.

I have replaced kerplunk with carrom...what do you think? We actually play it at home for a start...

Anonymous said...

Went to Mishkins last week on your recommendation. Loved it - London Cup gin cocktail might've changed my life.
So thanks once again for sprinkling a little of your impeccable taste in my direction x