The way to a man's heart

When it comes to men, The Mother Hen has taught me many things in life. amongst them

1. Don't play games
2. You capture his heart through his stomach
3. Always put a brush through your hair and a slick of lipstick on before you see him.

This from my mother who is the single most glamorous person you will ever meet, and an amazing cook, and is being taken to Le Manoir tonight for dinner with Raymond Blanc.

I generally fail at the lipstick and hair brush bit, but the cooking i can do.

Sweet potato dauphinoise of sorts.

It looks quite homely, verging on the nursery food, but i promise you it is food that will have him on his knees. It epitomises the quote "baby i'm gonna treat you so nice, you're never gonna want to let me go"

It's a lot like wearing a fair isle cardigan and giving him a glimpse of the peep-hole bra you are wearing underneath.

6 sweet potato
garlic 2 cloves of normal, i thought about using the fancy black but it smells weird.
Double cream i used a 284ml pot
Milk - use the cream pot to measure out 284ml
Gruyere or other such nutty cheese approx 150-180

Peel the sweet potato and slice in thin discs, if you have one of those fancy mandolins, use it. I don't so i used a sharp knife.
Warm the milk and cream with the garlic, and add the sweet potato, simmer for 5 minutes.
It will look like carrots in milk at this point and you will wonder what the hell that Miss Pickering knows about cooking anyway. Bear with.
Select a serving dish, you are going to serve it in this straight onto the table, no small individual portions, you don't want to miss out on the bit where your hands brush against one another as you both reach for the spoon at the same time.
Fish out the garlic with a fork and smoosh it all on the inside of the dish.
Spoon out the sweet potato leaving the liquid behind, and place in your chosen dish.
Grate your cheese, and add 3/4 of it to the pan with the cream. Grate in nutmeg and season. I think it is this bit that makes it magic, cream and cheese and nutmeg, this is the bit that will make him fall in love, unless he is lactose intolerant.
Pour over the potato
Sprinkle over the remaining cheese.
Bake at 200 degrees C until golden (25-30 minutes)

You could serve it on it's own, or with some steak.

Make it now, and email him the link so that he will return home with a Hello Sailor.


Becca said...

We had dauphinoise on Saturday night (the homemade not the M & S version) and I did individual portions. I think I may have made a HUGE...HUGE mistake.

Going to email him the link now with a promise to recreate at home. I sent him so many of the "Hello Sailor" links he said if I sent one more he would block me from his emails. I know I'm not getting one because I never get flowers on Valentines. Now everyone say "ahhhh poor Becca".

Unknown said...

This sound yummy......i will have to try out. Kx

Primchick said...

Potatoes...? who knew...?? :oP

Mother Hen said...

Merci beaucoups pour la complements tres grandes, ma cherie. Le etoile n'arrive pas pour le moment. Ooh la la.
In the meantime I am delving into my memory banks for my once passable French in order to flirt whilst The Captain is not looking. Xxx

Starryeyed said...

Funny - I've just written a blog post about the 7 ages of potato and Gratin Dauphinois pops up! I now feel bad that I never brush my hair and don't own lipstick...

Anna, Oh yes! I like that. said...

I showed my Husband the chalkboard sign and he thought I was asking for a cactus.

Seriously???! He can make his own potatoes.

Primchick said...

Love the like 'minded crew' that comment on this blog...!! :oD