Ranunculus or anemone?

Would anybody notice the difference?

Other questions

Can i change my name to Misty?
Why oh why is The Hound howling?
Twice today people have said I look like...............Adele. Good yes?
Why am i listening to Sk8ter boy?

also it's buddleia. Do not cut it yet if you live in the UK, it will die before you even get the camera focused. It's too young, wait a bit. If you live in warmer climes where it's summer all the time. Congratulations.

We are open this Monday, we only open 3 Monday's a year, so come and buy things for your Mummy or just come for the novelty. Bring coffee and some cake.


Mrs T-J said...

Yes I know the difference, i also know the similarity, they are both impossible to spell without double checking first. I love them both.

Blonde Adele! Yes of course absolutely.

Do you think the Hound would mind if I popped by and curled up with him or would that make him howl more? xxx

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

I can't pronounce either of them but love them both.

I found a florist in Bedford at the weekend that *almost* lives up to your place - I've been missing your flowers since I left Stamford 3 years ago. Am chuffed.

flwrjane said...

Oh I so wish I could come and help...
only a couple of 1000$$$$ keeps me away.

The hound howls for me.

Well for me and Becca.

xo jane

flwrjane said...


Becca said...

He's probably howling because its not 5.30pm yet and therefore not the weekend. Or because he misses Jane and me. Or because he's only on episode three of Homeland (tell him one of the American readers will send him the DVD).

I like anemone at your shop. I do not like them at Columbia Road because they were all droopy and a bit dead. I like white ranuculusuuusususus but I do not like orange ones. This may be because I am wearing orange today and I look like a giant round bumblebee. That may or may not be because I just ate a whole packet of biscuits.

Is it 5.30pm yet? Not that I ever leave the office at 5.30pm. I am starting to get work related grey hair. Nothing to do with my age. Obviously. DOOM.