Sunday was a joy, such unexpected glorious sunshine.

A trip to the car boot sale, to find eggs, and a globe that lights up.

"I suppose you want the pretty coloured ones" said the grumpy egg seller.

"Of course, or how else will i blog about them?"

and time spent in the garden, dusting off the terracotta and planting them up with viola's and lettuce and pea seeds.

and finishing off the pudding. It was Zombelina who gave me this recipe, but half way through i realised i didn't have Tequila. With a little help from Jen on Twitter, i went with a substitution of Cherry Brandy. Rummaging in the cupboards i found a jar of cherries in syrup which reduced down with more brandy made for a fabulous accompaniment. That and the clotted cream.

and the goose was amazing.

and there were sunset walks by Rutland water.

and i keep getting emails confirming my flight to Washington DC, evidently i am departing on the 5th are there are two people in my party. Should i start packing? and with whom am i travelling?


Sue said...

that dessert looks amazing!!

flwrjane said...

Oh I'm sorry didn't I tell you?

You'll be bringing Becca and the hound.

See you soon!

xo Jane

Becca said...

What Jane said....just to clarify....i'm up for Washington DC rather than Washington, County Durham.

I've been planting too. Sweet peas for the balcony. My favourite. Just sweet peas. Any other suggestions? Something that smells nice and won't die easily.

No other news. I recommended the ginger beer pork to a friend and now its an office favourite. Lamb here for supper. Mint and redcurrant jelly with Lincolnshire new potatoes and leftover roasted vegetables. I've been off work today so we have freshly baked brownies and ice cream if there is still room (i think there will be).

Easter plans shaping up nicely. Yours?