for a thing.

Are you getting bored of the blackboard background?

can somebody buy me a big old sheet of copper?

Pansies, violets, violas?


fleur said...

Greetings from ice-cold and rainy Switzerland!
But the rose-scented shop and the peonies and crab apple blossoms reconciles me.

fleur said...
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Skin and Blister said...

I like the chalkboard background.

My hair is just completely ridiculous in this stupid weather so I'm back to wearing hats.

Skin and Blister said...

Oh for goodness sakes, I've put my hair comment on the wrong post now.

Sorry for being the resident idiot.

Gilly said...

I like the idea of copper more...blackboards are not very summery Miss P are they?

Valley Flower Company said...

Love this one Miss P....pansies always make me swoon. xx

flwrjane said...

I just had my hair chopped off. But now I face a rainy day not unlike skin and blister...perhaps I shall wear a hat....

I call the larger head pansies and the tiny flowers violas.

But I say they're all sweetness and light.

xo Jane