Apricots in honey

3000 bonus points for the person who guesses the correlation between post and title.

I spent the whole weekend throwing up. I left the house 3 times, once to install flowers in a monsoon, once to walk The Hound, and once to take The Hound to the vets having cut his paw on said walk.

and had conversations like this: " I'm dying, why haven't you brought me soup and presents?"

"You said you didn't want to see anybody"

"I didn't mean it"

"Women! I thought you were better than this"

"So did I"

For the last 2 weeks i have felt awful, maybe it's that cocktail of prescription and OTC medication?

Either way the blog has been a little lack lustre. Sorry. I'm fine now, that's the offical line, it's a bank holiday, there are weddings.....

The expression on The Hounds face is not one of concern, he's actually thinking stop crying over Robert Redford and get me some supper.

Meanwhile my waist is getting smaller, every cloud.

Tell me you had better weekends, if you didn't, just make it up.


Another Emma said...

You poor thing! I hope this week goes better for you. The Hound does look concerned!

Becca said...

Oh dear Miss P. No bonus points for Becca. I googled "film Apricots in Honey" and got a really nice recipe but no clues.

This weekend I was in the Peaks having a weekend of walking and eating thick bacon and proper sausgages. There may have also been crumpets and tea with leaves. It rained a bit on the Sunday (and by a bit I mean a monsoon) but Saturday was sunny and we ate kit kats and breathed fresh air. Simple pleasures.

Mrs B said...

Poor you. At least there is a silver lining which will allow vast cake & gin consumption when you feel up to it.

I had a lovely night away with Mr B and Lucy in the Forest of Bowland. There was a hotel reception that doubled up as a Vintners, posh fish fingers and pistachio ice cream.

To cheer you up today, search 'Dior Muguet Dress' on You Tube.

You're welcome xxx

Jenny said...

a reference to Notting Hill?

I had a weekend of charity shop rummaging for interesting ceramic jugs and tending to a newly planted veg patch.. not as much growth as I had hoped... little work thrown in there too.
hope you feel properly better soon x

Caro said...

No bonus for me. Good to hear you are beginning to feel better. Like you I spent the w/e feeling poorly although did manage to see my sons cows winning some rosettes at a show which was good. Do wish though when feeling really rotten that I had watched Out of Africa then my tears would have matched the rain. It is one of my favourite films but never watched without tissues beside me and by the end I'm sobbing and it's no small delicate sobs just big all body ones in this film. A little bit of trivia about this film for you; the shooting party at the beginning was filmed in Norfolk in a field in Castle Rising. My hubby along with the some of our friends were extra's as the field was farmed by a friend of ours. The snow always looks funny as they only had 48hrs to film it so they put lime (like they do on fields) all over the place and then overnight it snowed so of course the real & false don't quite match. We have a photo of Meryl drinking our sloe gin which didn't go down well with Sidney P. I missed it as I had to stay at home to look after Wellies & her brother but you can imagine the excitement watching it at the cinema we had to go all the way to Norwich Lynn wasn't good enough!
So long since I watched it but is Apricot's in Honey mentioned in it?

Mrs T-J said...

Big hugs for Miss P. Sending one now, it has thousands of miles to travel over land and sea so by the time it reaches Rutland it will be MASSIVE!

Hope you are right as rain very soon, puppy dog looks adorably concerned.

As for our weekend, the Boy came home! But I think I have bleated enough about that one but it was a heart mending time for all of us

Not found a decent florist yet or greetings cards either definitely a niche, a florist I could never be, I might put some thought to the latter! xxx

Miss Pickering said...

Thank you for your well wishes, feeling much brighter this morning. May have something to do with a shipment of coral peonies.

Also Caro, possibly the coolest comment ever.

You need to write a book

I once had a farm in Norfolk...

JustJaneGrace said...

So what is the answer to apricots in honey? Is it the scent of the rose? A line that Karin Blixen says? Or he to her?