Lilacs and buttercups

Actual Blue Peter badges. She actually has 5 Blue Peter badges

The petition to have Mrs Beard walk down the aisle to this starts now. Leave a comment.

 Best piece of music ever. Nostalgia.com

The weekend was full of relaxed creative couples, somebody the other day said to me

"You're lucky, you get all the good brides"

I do.

We had a no on the toy horses, but a yes on the Enoki mushrooms.

and The Hound and I picked buttercups and lilac. not in a wearing a floral dress and a basket sort of a way, but in a i can barely breathe, i saw a cat! way.

and some changes were made to the shop, more on that and the Jubilee window later in the week.

The Jubilee window may be the best window we have ever embarked on.


Kay said...

good luck with the window..we have issues here....my quest to find oasis shaped as a corgi has failed..we move on to plan 'Z'!!

ps i saw your royal wedding telegraph photo used as a royal diamond jubilee photo today...go girl!!

domestikate said...

Check out those badges! My name's first on the petition.

Mrs B said...

I vote for it to be her recessional music. What a way to take your first steps as man & wife.

Is that a Borzoi in the frame? If so, please tell me more. I want one to accompany Lucy. She's not so keen.

We did the Jubilee windows today too. Just waiting on one last detail. I expect yours will be far more tasteful than mine. Think church flower arranger doing a bad impression of Constance Spry meets celebrity lookalike competition!

Mrs B said...

Ps. There are life size Corgis at the MAC counter in Selfridges. Some are even wearing Hermes scarves. I think you would love.

Miss Pickering said...

Kay,so funny, i tried t find a corgi or at the very least a 3d crown. Where did you see the picture? Poster child for Royal celebrations! Who knew?

Domestikate - i know! I love that as time went on they changed.

Mrs B - The dog was my favourite birthday card. Obvs. need photos of your window, and of Mac corgis


Kay said...

Miss P, it is in this months The English Home mag on a bit about jubilee food....i recognized your lampshades in trees...do i get a Blue Peter badge for observation?

Mrs Beard said...

I am nearly won over on the music, honestly.

It might happen.

My badges look suitably nerdy,it was worth all those hours slaving over the sticky-backed-plastic for this moment alone.

Becca said...

I'm going to email you a picture of my green blue peter badge.

Mrs Beard....did you make the Dick Tracy centre? I saved up toilet roll tubes for WEEKS and then bodged it. Am not creative in the slightest. Nor is TBTMMO. We are Miss P's non creative couple - we were allowed in as an exception.

Miss P...how is it all looking?

Janet said...

Ahhh,the lovely feist song mushroom, feAtures lilacs and buttercups x

Mrs Beard said...

I didn't make the Dick Tracy centre! Damn! I must have been on holiday that week!

I would like to see the green Blue Peter badge. Envious.

Rose said...

the hound is the most lovely thing!