Blind faith

Sometimes brides and grooms have a definite idea of what they would like.

Other times, you are selling a concept, I used to work in primary care pharma, I know all about the concept sell.

There then comes a time when the concept needs to fruition.

Fingers crossed.

Very open Two Faces, warmer than Quicksand (for the floral geeks) Also Cherry Brandy and Vuvuzela

Also anonymous, possibly my favourite comment ever. Sorry to disappoint, right hand. I promise I'll share as  soon as it's the left one.....


Mrs T-J said...

Concept sold - convincingly! xxx

sarah-jane down the lane said...

I imagine sometimes the two worlds collide and your previous incarnation's skills are required for bride sedation? This lovely bouquet would get me swooning...it's lovely,

Sarah -x-