Put a ribbon on it

No wide angle
No window
By 9.30 am people had bought the contents of the window. Again.

Another evening painting pumpkins then.

It's non-stop glamour.

Also merci beaucoup so much to all who commented on the flaws of the new blog layout, I will sit down and make the text bigger, darker, and will re-shoot the header.

After painting the pumpkins.

Bear with


Spriggs Florist said...

it all looks great - step away from the blog layout tools. Miss P trust all is well in your world. love to you and hound x

found and sewn said...

I love the gold and silver pumpkins and your new banner!

Becca said...

Sorry have been busy lying in dark room bemoaning loss of summer. I can't read the blog on my phone anymore which means I'm doing more work (good) but spending a fortune in Starbucks to hook to their wifi (they don't like it if you loiter outside) (bad).

In other news I thought today was Saturday and I have overslept. Bad. But I can spend a day billing and not thinking very hard. Good.

Happy Friday not Saturday. Any weddings this weekend Miss P?

Sprout said...

What? Reshoot the header? I was just about to comment on your most recent post about how much I love the new header and layout! Send me your rejects.

Julie-Ann Pawley said...

burning question....how the hell do you find time to think up, make and capture so much beauty??? seriously amazing. how do you do it?