Good things

Old friends
Finding lovely foliage in their Mayfair garden, and a bit from next door....
Supper here
Wedding/ flower chat with Lotte, who is as down to earth and lovely as you imagine. We have plans together. Great big plans.
Warning her of the perils of flower scissors and eyes.
We ate breakfast here
Sunday roast
Ribbon shopping
Wedding consultations with super brides
The Hound being allowed to stay Casa Ma Hen and The Captain
and not eating the cat

Not such good things

Anthropologie - first time in a UK shop, left disappointed. I don't get the hype or the prices.
Despite my best PR efforts, everybody is leaving London to live in Gloucestershire not Rutland.
Rain = frizzy hair
People operating i-pads whilst walking down the street - how can they possibly see where they are going?
Realising I have turned into my grandmother

I am getting there with the blog, Things are different, mainly the font, style, colour, size. If anybody can remember what it looked like before or has suggestions on how it might be improved.
shout out


Avril Leigh said...

The new blog layout is great but I think the font colour could be a darker grey; it is not easy to read in this light grey colour.
I like your quirky sense of style and your humour which brings me back as a regular reader!

Donatella said...

I agree with Avril. The light grey font is hard to read. Also, using your card in the header is a nice touch, but the type is much too small. Have you thought about creating a version of a calling card with your name and blog essentials? The pictures and colors are lush and beautiful, as always. Good luck with the tinkering and adjusting of blog visuals!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is lovely. My only rec would be to increase the size of the name tag in your header.

Mrs Beard said...

Lovely lovely lovely to see you on Monday, come back t'London soon. I have no plans to move to Gloucestershire and I have tried Rutland once already.

I agree with the ladies above, I like the business card but it's a bit too low res. Beef it up, we know it's your blog already and we know we like it or we wouldn't be here but it's nice to see it writ large.

That way, when someone snoops over my shoulder at the fabulousness on my screen, they will see it is YOUR blog that is eating into my working day. If I'm getting sacked you're coming down with me Pickering.