The triumph of hope over experience

Samuel Johnson's comment on second marriages.

I've had some brilliant chats with customers today.

The rose is alchemy, it's beautiful. Becca take note.

and I've been fiddling about with upholstery trimmings.

and struggling with this week's floral coalition post.

and if your weekend is half as exciting as mine is shaping up to be............

Let's rendez-vous on Tuesday and discuss.

Your tune for the weekend.


Mrs Beard said...


Mother Hen said...

Loving the trimmings, are we allowed to call it bric-a-brac? The flowers are as ever GORGEOUS xxx

J.W. said...

My present husband is fond of quoting Samuel Johnson. :) Look at that green tint on the rose petals...and the artichoke. Lovely.

calamitymaria said...

Didn't know what Samuel Johnson did say... I now do and it made me giggle. Love the mix I bought from you today , as ever. Bought a vessel you would be proud of from St Martins Antiques - thank you ! Your weekend sounds like it will be one to treasure. And the Hound will be just fine x

Becca said...


Right clicked and saved

Mrs T-J said...

An exquisite weekend ahead, one that will long live on in the memory and I am sure there will be many a story to tell and re-told at many future family gatherings. It's the glue that keeps us all together - those good times. Enjoy, god knows you deserve it. Oh and by no means least, the fleurs are "skerumpsherus" as ever Miss P xxx