Lately and in no particular order

Pancakes of a Paleo nature.I know, I've gone there, anyone else? Cook them on the lowest heat imaginable leave for 10 minutes on one side and then flip them over for 2 minutes. Otherwise they will burn and fill your kitchen with smoke. Really. I also added a spoonful more of ground almond, but probably you could just leave the mix to sit for a bit like the recipe states, and not be impatient.



Valentino. Go. See the couture and the detail, oh my the detail and the elegance. It is wonderfully displayed in colour rather than era, a dress from 1967 mingles with one from 2008. There are 137, not behind glass just there, including perhaps the most famous of recent years? Vintage in it's truest sense, without all the bunting and suitcases.

Then nip across the road and have a champagne cocktail aptly named Valentino Red.

and then along to Burger and Lobster, contrary to popular belief you do not need an Instagram account to get in. It does what it says on the tin, and it does it well.

Merci beaucoup to Ma Hen and TOMP.


found and sewn said...

Mmmmm...lobster and chips!

Becca said...

They got me a new laptop. Told them the last one had a virus. Am back and not blocked x