It is that time of year, resolutions, new starts and a desire to do something a bit different. Christmas was wonderful, very relaxing, and delicious food courtesy of The Mother Hen.
Unfortunately The Hound, The Mother Hen and I were involved in a car accident just after, thankfully we are all alright, but have taken on a "Bride of Frankenstein" look. Did you know airbags are filled with smoke and burn and bruise your inner arms? I might take to driving in opera gloves. The main thing is everyone involved is fine.
It does make one think that a girl cannot live by flower shop alone, and working 7 days a week isn't really the way forward. So from now on we will be closed on Mondays (except when we do flower school) I realise this is a radical change, but I feel quite sure you will get used to it.
The shop reopens on Thursday, expect a few more changes.........

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Kelly McClorey said...

oh my! thank goodness you are all ok! what a horrible way to start the year...how these things can make us think of what is important in life though and i'm so pleased that you are going to take a day for yourself each week. change is a good thing!