Introducing.....The Mother Hen

Part of our new "Introducing....." feature, I thought it might be nice to introduce you to some interesting people. First up The Mother Hen, all round wonderful person, domestic goddess, true matriarch, and possibly the most glamorous lady in all the land.


Kelly McClorey said...

hello mother h! you do indeed look like a lovely lady...we are lucky girls to have mums that we are close to and inspire us. great new feature miss p! xxx

Mother Hen said...

Thank you Kelly and gosh, what an accolade from Miss Pickering! It brought a tear to my eye. Only wish I had been wearing my Nigella apron(a past Christmas gift from the aforementioned florist) and where are make up artists when you need them. You do need to be on your guard when you have a blogger, especially when you are fishing giblets out of the turkey stock!!!

Adam Hill said...

Dear miss P.
Relieved to hear you, the hound and the mother hen are all ok, after your collision..... You will hear no mumbling about lady drivers from me !!!! (Joke)

I hope you are returned to your usual glamourous self as soon as possible. Bye the way , I like the new feature ... " Introducing ......... The Mother Hen looks just how you describe her, she is almost as glamourous as you.

Mr H

Miss Pickering said...

The Mother Hen is far more glamorous than I could ever hope to be, and indeed very inspiring.
Not sure about my writing moving her to tears - like me she wears heart on her sleeve, and has been known to weep at adverts.

Primrose Hill said...

Hello there lovely ladies, just popping in to wish you all a very happy 2009, hope it brings you all that you wish for.
Loving the flower arranging in the back of the Nevara ;)
L x