Using different colours

Purple, yellow and green, the tin of yellow paint is for the shop, it could be a stroke of genius or a massive mistake.
Meanwhile.....The Navara seems to have taken on a life of it's own, perhaps it should have a blog or at the very least a facebook fan page?


Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

Have you taken inspiration for your new colour scheme from a slice of Pizza ?

Wow ! ... A true genius, just as I suspected. !!

Yours Mr H.

Kelly McClorey said...

brave girl! i'm sure the yellow will verge on the genius side...keep the faith!

the green looks deliciously healthy. love green. be sure to continue the story of the shop paint please (i will come and see for myself soon)

hope you are all on the mend...still so pleased you all are here to tell the tale. good luck with opening day tomorrow...nice short week to start the year! xxx